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How It Works

PureAire Revitaliser’s unique aroma-therapeutic air purifying system uses ordinary tap water and the anti-bacterial water soluble essential oils, to literally wash the air and make it clean and fresh. It also provides a solution that goes beyond purifying for it also ionises, humidifies and adds aroma- therapeutic fragrance to the air.

The polluted air is drawn into the Revitaliser from the sides and treated with Aroma Essence using our hydro-purification technology. Rotating at 3000 rpm, the Revitaliser sprays the Aroma Essence mixture into the incoming polluted air resulting in a scrubbing effect which helps eliminate enveloped viruses, bacteria, smoke, pollen, irritants, pet & cooking odours, chemicals, mould spores and house dust mites from the air in your home and workplace.

The refreshed and purified air with 100% botanical extracts is constantly released back into the room filling it with rejuvenating, aroma therapeutic and soothing fragrances.

In addition, it converts positive ions into negative ions and at the same time humidifies and combats stagnant air from central heating systems and air conditioning units. Additionally, according to Feng Shui principles, it also helps to promote feelings of prosperity and happiness.

Where It’s Used

PureAire Revitaliser can be used everywhere there is an electric wall socket. It is particularly beneficial where smoke, odours and other contaminants are present, such as in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor and dental surgeries, hotels, restaurants, pubs, hair and beauty salons even caravans.

With our Revitaliser you can be sure that the air you breathe is healthier, cleaner and safer. In addition it is rejuvenating and aromatherapeutic.

In the Home

  • In your hallway – it creates a welcoming, pleasant and fragrant atmosphere for visitors.
  • In your kitchen – it works to neutralise lingering cooking smells and gases from central heating boilers.
  • Household – put a few drops of the fragrant essence into your washing machine or the water compartment of your iron to impart a wonderful freshness to your clothes.
  • In your lounge – it counteracts the smells and harmful effects of cigarette smoke and electrical equipment such as televisions. It removes dust, pollen and other contaminants.
  • In bedrooms – it removes dust mite particles and unwanted odours, offering optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep especially for asthma, hay fever, rhinitis and sinus sufferers. It’s great for babies and children’s rooms too!
  • In your Home Office – it removes micro dust particles that are attracted to electrical items such as computers, printers and telephones ensuring an optimum working environment.
  • Pet Owners – it helps to eradicate animal dander and pet odours as well as dust & dirt particles.
  • Home DIY – it neutralises any DIY odours especially paint and glue as well as removing dust.

Other Indoor Environments

  • Hotels, bars and restaurants – it counteracts the unpleasant side effects of smoke and removes food smells and unpleasant odours.
  • Offices/public places – it increases productivity of staff by creating a clean, healthy and pleasant working environment
  • Retail outlets – it creates a welcoming, pleasant and fragrant atmosphere for customers and employees.
  • Hospitals and doctors surgeries – it removes airborne contaminents, pollen and viruses.
  • Vets and pet shops – it neutralises the smells associated with vet’s waiting rooms and pet shops, creating a pleasant and calming atmosphere.
  • Health clubs/hairdressers/nail salons – it is useful for removing strong body or chemical odours, creating a fresh and healthy atmosphere.